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How It Works

Choose a Price Plan

Choose the price plan affordable for you and your business needs

Submit Your Listing

Fill in the form and upload all your content. Follow the instructions

Pay Your Listing

Settle your invoice via one of our payment options provided


We will try our best to make sure that approvals are granted in the quickest possible time. It might take 24 to 48 hours from the time payment has been made and proof of payment has been received. You will receive a notification as soon as your listing is live on uebusiness.

We’re not suggesting that you abandon other websites that you currently advertise with, especially if it’s working for your business.  Plus it’s always a good idea to advertise your business in as many places as your budget allows.

We are suggesting is that you consider including us in your marketing strategy.

First off, great job on getting a website up and running.  It’s definitely not an easy task!

Plus, you already understand that it’s vital for your business to be found online if it’s to survive long-term.

After all, we live in a digital age with 95% of consumers searching for the services that they need online.

However, creating a website is only the start.


We give your business that much-needed online presence.

You don’t need to pay thousands upon thousands to build and maintain your own website.

Plus, we also take care of getting your business seen by your exact target audience at a time that they’re ready to make a purchasing decision.

On the sign-in page you click on the ‘reset my password’ and follow the instructions.

In your dashboard on the top right there is a contact for support button, alternatively please go to the contact page

Once you loaded your content and ht the save and preview button you wiare redirected to a error 404 page. The reason you are not seeing your listing is because Admin first needs to approve you and make sure your content are according to the rules and standard of Unashamedly Ethical Business practices.

Yes, you can edit a listing as many times as you need.

Yes, you can upgrade your package of choice anytime. In your dashboard at the top right you will see a button “upgrade package” click on it and your ackage will automatically upgrade. If you are not sure about what to do you may send us an email and we will assist.

Yes you have the option to delete your account. For annual packages please note that there will not be any refunds. Please note once you delete your account all your content will be removed.

Choose a category that is closest to your service. Send us a mail at info@unashamedlyethical.com and the team will create the correct category at time of approving the listing.

You can add as many businesses as you like. There are no restriction on the amount of listings you can add to your profile. You will be billed for each listing you add.

Increase your online presence which. Allow the thousands of potential customers who use uebusiness.net each month to find you. You become part of the Unashamedly Ethical community

On each profile you have the option to report someone. Please review our criteria to report

These are reasons why reviews might be removed

  1. The reviewer has an apparent conflict of interest [they are a competitor or former employees, they are affiliated with the business, they are promoting the business or competitor]
  2. The review doesn’t come from the reviewer’s own consumer experience
  3. The review includes inappropriate material [Hate speech, threatening language, lewd comments, or includes private info about employees]


Logo Images and Logo on header

The recommended size for logo icon is: 32×3264×64128×128

The recommended size for logo images on header is: 268×38

Gallery Images

800(w) x 600(h)

Your images must pleased be compressed and in total not larger than 2mb
To compress your images you can use any online image compression line tinyjpg or tinypng.

We prefer you to upload jpg format images

Your profile image needs to be uploaded with your gallery images.
If you didn’t upload it go to your dashboard and click on listings. Edit your listing and scroll down to gallery images. Upload it to your gallery images. Please remember you are only allowed the following:

  • 6 x gallery images
  • 1 x profile image
  • 1 x feature image
  • 1 x logo

Map & Address

When you click on add a listing and you proceed entering your details you will see a block asking you to access your location. Please click allow so it can source your location automatically.

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