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Creative Wellness cc


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Creative Wellness is leading best practices in caring solutions to the healthcare industry in the Western Cape and soon in other provinces in South Africa. Creative Wellness bridges the gap of those in need of care and their loved ones, maximizing the time they spend with each other; mainly through professional, individualized, flexible support and care throughout the course of illness to recovery, chronic care or end of life care and the period of bereavement thereafter.


Q What is home care?

Home care is any service rendered to a person who needs physical and/or emotional care in his or her home. Home care patients can be mobile or bedridden but needing care. Care can vary from post hospitalisation, to frail care, dementia care and palliative care.

Q What is the difference between frail care and terminal care?

Palliative care is care rendered to a person with a life expectancy of less than 6 months. Frail care is routine assistance with activities of daily living.

Q Is home care funded by medical aid?

Funding varies from funder to funder and plan options. In general, no medical aid will fund frail care and/or dementia-related conditions. Some funders will have limited funds for nursing care at home post-surgery or post-acute onset on disease. Most funders have a benefit for terminal care (life expectancy less than 6 months)

Q Does a patient need to be on a medical aid to apply for services?

No, any person can apply for nursing services. Private nursing care needs to be funded privately. Rates vary, depending on the service and time of services rendered.

Q How long is the waiting period to commence services?

Services will commence within 48 hours unless an application to the funder is delayed. If an emergency, and staff are available, services can commence sooner.