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Power Construction (Pty) Ltd


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What started out as a seed of desire in the heart of a man in 1983 is today that same vision in full bloom. Along the way, many others have been contributing to this continuing adventure, each of these lives playing a role in the way in which this story changes and unfolds over time.

For it is a story of collaboration and commitment of teamwork and tenacity, of God’s Guidance and Grace and of a group of people bound by a set of values shared.

A story of entrepreneurial spirit, determination, sheer hard work and unflinching faith.

Power’s ethical, forward-thinking workforce continues to build upon the company’s reputation of safe, high-quality engineering.

At the Power Group we stay true to our purpose “To improve the quality of life in Africa” through infrastructure development.

The Power Group a leading supplier of civil, roads, building, wind farm, turnkey housing, project management and property development services in Southern Africa. These leading services are delivered through the group companies – Power Construction and Power Developments.

Our strategic and operational goals are guided by our responsiveness to the ever-changing environment, delivery of quality engineering and a culture of empowerment, integrity and accountability.

Of greater consequence, the Group continues to invest time, effort and capital in the communities in which it works and from where it draws its work force. People and their well-being have always been the priority at Power. For while the Group’s endeavours are in the realm of earth, asphalt, concrete and brick, there can never be a substitute for human talent, enthusiasm, compassion and sheer, hands-on, hard work.


Q How do I report any foul play?

Ethics Hotline – Report any foul play. SMS ETHICS to 30578
This information can not and will not be traced. Your anonymity will be protected if you so request. Emplyoees are protected from victimisation in terms of the Protect Disclosures Act (Act 26 of 2000). All reported matters will be investigated within reasonable time by a member of the Power Ethics Committee. If you have any queries about your rights as a whistleblower, you can contact the Open Democracy Advice Centre on 0800 52 53 52